Whimsyshire Raiderz

The first steps of a weird wobbly journey


The two sets of strangers consisted of a female Half-Drow, a male Human and a female Halfling and Tiefling. They met outside what appeared to be a large cave but in actuality was a mining town. The Halfling and Tiefling exchanged quips upon meeting once more that began with the Halfling, Riddle, calling Vindicta, the Tiefling, “Princess” and the banter began. Riddle eluded to where she had been when she received her “invitation” and produced the letter to show Vindicta. Vindicta, noticing the two onlookers, walked over and inquired as to who they were and if they too had received letters and checked them for any discrepancies. The Human male, Bailey’s, letter contained an additional note about further compensation with a quick apology. The female Half-Drow, Nevarynne’s, note looked identical to Vindicta and Riddle’s.

Soon they were greeted by a small homely looking male gnome who led them into the cave system to meet his “Master.” Vindicta’s tail knocked the poor gnome down a few times on the way into the cave and they all gathered around to meet the mysterious “Master.” The Gnome left to fetch them their requested refreshments of milk (Riddle), wine (Vindicta), Bailey’s (Bailey), and nothing mentioned from Nevarynne. They were soon greeted by an older looking gentleman who appeared to be Human with several pouches hanging from his robe. He even produced a baby bottle of milk in Riddle’s mouth and wine in Vindicta’s when they stood there quipping at each other once more. He explained to the group that he needed them to take a small test before he explained further and that they would need to take a drink from a basin he stood in front of. In good faith he drank from the basin to show that he had not poisoned the water and Vindicta was the first to drink from the basin. Unbeknownst to her she began glowing with a rainbow hue that incited Riddle to follow suit. The other two were a bit slower to follow, but eventually also swallowed the drink.

The party found themselves falling asleep and waking up in an arena that was surrounded by ships with balloons on them and the symbol of a fist surrounding them. They also noticed that Bailey’s clothing had changed to where he was wearing a robe with the same symbol upon it. In the stands of the arena were a cheering crowd of bird people, the Aarakocra, and Elves. They had been teleported (?) to the EWW where they were sent to fight. It was noticed that there were a lot of giant birds outside the arena perched around. Vindicta immediately tumbled and flew through the air to land upon the back of one of the birds. From her vantage point she noticed the height at which the arena floated and called for her friend (?) Riddle to join her. Unfortunately, the remaining three were not so lucky as to make it off the platform and instead hurt themselves trying. Bailey almost fell from the arena all together but was able to deftly pull himself back up. The party was soon greeted by two Aarakocra warriors who initiated a fight. The party quickly dispatched them, which required Vindicta to begrudgingly dismount her new playtoy. The party gained the favor of the crowd and listened to their excited calls. The party heard a booming voice mention separating and heading to Telos and Mirithia (?) for trading (?). The group once more blacked out and awoke in a strange room.

They found the same Gnome from before, but seemingly different in appearance, offering to get them beverages once more. The same “wizard” greeted them while the Gnome, who looked younger and filled out, went to get them drinks. The man explained his name was Asher…but the name could not be heard. It was only but sheer force of will that Bailey managed to read that much of his name from his mouth while hearing nothing. When the Gnome, who was introduced as Godric Pepper, returned with a tray of drinks. Vindicta received her wine then tripped poor Godric with her tail only to find that he attempted to rob her. She promptly drew her rapiers and threatened him to return her things. He returned them before scampering off a bit. While Asher explained who the bird people were, they were ring hunters that he wanted the party to find and destroy them before they managed to kill the party. The party had already been previously targeted and Asher was giving the party incentive and additional resources to help destroy the group known as the Kuro Group.

While explaining this all Vindicta followed Godric around a bit before asking him to sit with her. She continued to flirt with him and was given back all the gold he had previously stolen off her. While she was sitting apart from the group she inquired as to why Asher didn’t just take care of the Kuro Group himself. He mentioned that he was much too busy and when she asked, “Doing what?” Five assassins showed up and dropped dead meer feet from where they all stood. The party searched the bodies but found only identical notes requesting them to kill the party and also to a dinner in their barracks in the kingdom of Gehenna. It was explained that it was there that Asher had poisoned the would-be assassins, but had miscalculated the potency a bit so they had survived a bit longer than he had planned.

Gehenna was known to be a kingdom of mercenaries, soldiers and a smattering of heroes. Since members within the party did not seem to want to return to Telos or Mirithia they decided to go to Gehenna to investigate and learn what they could about the Kuro Group. Godric offered the help of his contact there by the name of Simria (?) who was a merchant and could possibly help the party gain information. Godric also mentioned that if the party got into any trouble they could mention Asher’s name to help them, but the party noticed that even when Godric said Asher’s name it came out silent. Asher offered any assistance which Vindicta took advantage of, she managed to procure some poison and Nevarynne scored a blow gun with some ammunition. Vindicta also learned that Simiria (?)’s daughter could potentially help her fulfill her want of learning to use a whip effectively in combat. So with that starting point and a promise from Asher to drop them in the kingdom of Gehenna, the party prepared themselves for their future adventures and their futures together.


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